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13 Road Trip Struggles All Adventurous People Can Relate To

Ah, the smell of the open road...and your best friend's feet.

1. Being so excited for the road trip that you barely sleep the night before.


2. Gas station bathrooms: no matter what city, always disgusting.

Universal Television / Via

"Maybe I can just hold it for a week."

3. Getting a sweet half-body sunburn because you fell asleep pressed against the window.


Can't wait for this to turn into a tan.

4. Trying to eat healthy when all there is is junk food.

Warner Brothers / Via

Potato chips are vegetables, right?

5. Someone buying something disgusting-smelling.

Columbia Pictures / Via

6. Everyone fighting over who gets to pick the road trip playlist. / Via

And then there's that one guy who always wants to listen to a podcast.

7. Sing-alongs that start out so fun and then become not as fun.

NBC / Via

Especially when someone in the car doesn't stop singing.

8. Road trip games that go on and on and on.

FOX / Via

There are only so many things you can spy with your little eye.

9. Stopping at awesome roadside towns and never having enough time to see everything.

MTV / Via


10. Ending up in a roadside town that's kinda creepy. / Via

"How many taxidermy museums can one place have?"

11. The ultimate struggle: the road trip coming to an end.


Those last few miles are somehow cathartic and depressing.

12. Getting that immediate itch to do another one.

MTV Films / Via

And immediately forgetting all of your struggles.

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