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14 Reasons Robots Are The Future

There's no reason to fear them. If anything, they're already making everything better — like raising the bar for performance driving by pitting the all-new Subaru WRX STI against drones.

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1. Robots are going to make everything so much cleaner!

2. Robots will build everything bigger and better...

IRE Productions /

...because they've already learned to see!

3. And robots with 3D printers will only make it easier to build whatever we want!

Whether printing structures or new skulls, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous.

4. Robotic sand will be able to duplicate anything you need in seconds!

Cover your model in sand, pull out a brand-new, full-sized replica.

5. Besides, robots are already stronger than us.

Boston Dynamics /

BigDog can tolerate sudden disruptions while still carrying 340 pounds of our stuff — meanwhile, we have a hard time not falling over while carrying a backpack.

6. And robots are going to make us stronger, too!

Robotic exoskeletons will help us move things we never could before and help those who couldn't move those things in the first place.

7. Robots will even make the grocery store easier by pushing all our carts for us.

Chances are good the carts themselves will be powered to follow us. No creepy torso-free 'bots in the future.

8. Robots are going to help us fight cancer!

Cancer’s just the first step, then they’ll start fighting other things that ail us.

9. Robots' adorable faces are only going to get more therapeutic.

Dog Run Pictures /

Whether for mental therapy or for actually administering medications or performing other such health-care-affiliated tasks.

10. And you already know robot dance moves are going to be unbearably good...

11. ...even for the robots that don't have faces.

Great shot, robot! And some fresh moves, too!

12. Robots are only going to make our surgeries safer and more accurate!

Big West /

Current robotic surgeries still have remote controls, but the fact that 1.5 million robotic surgeries have been performed since 1992 ought to hint that when robots also take over surgery, we'll probably be OK with it then, too.

13. Robots will make our communications and GPS a whole lot better!

DARPA's Phoenix robot will make new satellites out of decommissioned ones already in space to upgrade existing networks. It's a Skynet that just makes it easier to talk to all your friends.

14. Drones will perform tasks we can't and make us safer!

Whether mapping our world or simply going where humans can't, these robots will keep making our lives better.

Besides, they've already proved the power and precision built into the all-new Subaru WRX STI.