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21 Photos That Prove Canada Is A Frozen Hell On Earth

Canada is cold and terrible. But the 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek is brave enough to venture outside...if you are.

1. Everyone knows Canada is a frozen hellscape on earth.

2. Temperatures hover around subzero levels during the day.

3. At night, the temperatures drop even further, making it impossible to go outside.

4. Icy winds blow across the frigid plains.

5. Even major cities are held in winter's unforgiving grip.

6. And the mountains? Completely impassable.

7. In Canada, all liquids freeze solid within minutes.

8. Nothing blooms.

The flowers of Butchart Gardens outside of Victoria.

9. Nothing grows.

10. Nature is dead.

11. The lakes are all frozen over. They're ice solid.

12. Swimming is totally impossible.

13. And the only sports you can play are winter sports.

14. The animals in Canada hibernate year-round.

15. They are locked in a mortal battle with the elements.

A smiling fallow deer in Parc Omega, Quebec, and feeding a chipmunk in Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, Ontario.

16. Don't believe rumors about a place called "The Sunshine Coast." That's crazy talk.

17. And there's definitely not a town called "Summerland." It doesn't exist.

18. Whatever you do, DON'T go outside.

19. You will immediately freeze into a human popsicle.

20. Because everyone knows there is no such thing as summer in Canada.

21. Winter rules.

This summer, have the courage to combat the brutal elements — or drive a car that does.