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10 Facts You Probably, Absolutely Don't Know About The Colour Blue

Blue is the best colour [full stop].

1. Blue is everyone's favourite colour.

2. Ancient peoples may not have been able to see the colour blue.

3. In Japan, traffic goes when the light turns "blue."

4. Water only looks blue because it absorbs red, yellow, and orange light waves.

5. All people with blue eyes are distantly related.

6. The colour blue was used for important figures in classic paintings.

7. Blue is used in over half of the world's national flags.

8. Some offices are designed around the colour blue because it can make people more productive.

9. It also has the potential to be an appetite suppressant.

10. Blue is one of the rarest colours you'll see in the natural world.

Images from Thinkstock. Designed by Jake Russell Tapleshay/BuzzFeed

The Subaru BRZ 光 Hikari Edition features a Hyper Blue exterior, with blue LED footwell illumination and blue interior stitching.