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12 People Who Could Have Totally Used An Extra Pair Of Eyes

Oof! Watch out! For an extra pair of eyes on the road, Subaru EyeSight has got you covered!

1. This girl would have seen that this is a "no-twerk zone":

2. Or this bride could have avoided injuring her bridesmaids:

3. This man wouldn't have had to make his own door:

4. And this little boy would have known to go the other way!

5. This dude could have avoided further chiselling his shapely jawline:

6. This girl wouldn't have had to rely on physics to see what was coming:

7. And maybe this bourgeoning b-baller could have avoided the wrath of the backboard:

8. This girl woulda known when enough was enough:

9. This youngster would have realized that it was the door's turn to scare!

10. Or this dude could have avoided ruining his garage:

11. This poor soul could have seen the door closing behind him:

12. And finally, this person would have known to avoid the giant cardboard box!

For everything you don't see on the road, there's Subaru EyeSight.

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EyeSight is an extra set of eyes on the road and, if need be, an extra foot on the brake when you drive. When equipped with Subaru EyeSight, the 2016 Subaru Impreza received the highest possible score in front-crash prevention by the IIHS.