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13 Cute And Sad Puppies That Will Give You The Feels

Sad puppies are sad. But cute. But sad.

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1. This adorable puppy wants to play with his squeaky ball:

2. This puppy wants to go back inside, but he doesn't know the way:

3. This puppy is sad because he's the smallest puppy in the litter:

4. This puppy just realized all hugs must come to an end:

5. This puppy wants to cuddle:

6. This puppy is sad that his body is so wrinkly:

7. This puppy was told she has to come back inside now; playtime is over:

8. This puppy is just feeling tired:

9. This puppy is afraid of dry kisses:

10. This puppy can't yip as loud as he wants to:

11. This puppy doesn't know how to get out of the tin:

12. This puppy is afraid her human will never come back every time he leaves the room:

13. And finally, this puppy came to a picnic with her human, but she's too shy to leave the basket:

All images via Thinkstock.

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