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  • Hair Chairs for Your Kookiest Indulgences

    Prettypretty Chairs are pretty wiggy “What shall we do with all this useless beauty?” —D.P. Mc Manus If you have more wigs than Dolly Parton has gone through in a lifetime, you might just start to want to look at them as potential art rather than pile of beauty roadkill. I love to look at the obvious and see it in so many different and unique ways that nothing is ever expected, whether it be art or the way are inspired by the ordinary to make to extraordinary.

  • The Wackiest Bikini Has a Bottle Opener Built in

    My craziest email of the week, so far… I get some pretty wacky emails from publicists and most end up in the proverbial “round file,” but this one is different. Bottle Betty is a new line of patent pending swimwear with an attached bottle opener. It’s crazy, I know.

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