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12 Signs You're Actually A Grumpy Old Man

WHAT'S WITH ALL THE RUCKUS?! Everybody sit down and shut up and watch Bill Murray as a grumpy old man in St. Vincent, Now Playing in Select Theaters, Everywhere October 24.

1. You don't like people getting in your personal space.


Otherwise known as "get off my lawn!" syndrome.

2. Finding crumbs anywhere outside the kitchen spins makes you fly into a rage.

3. You don't like loud music.

4. You don't like birds... or people... or laughter.

5. You'd pretty much always rather be sleeping.

6. You dress for comfort only. / Via

And you like your pants as stretchy as possible.

7. You have zero patience with people.

8. Your reaction to teenagers:

Your reaction to everyone else:

9. You hate getting invited to large social gatherings.

10. Your idea of a good night is ordering takeout for one and shutting off your phone.

11. You'll take Sinatra over Drake any day of the week.

Liberty Films / Via

12. Technology confounds you.

Even though it's usually your fault.

Let your grumpy flag fly!

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Catch St. Vincent now playing in select theaters, everywhere October 24.

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