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    • stur2

      This article is really pretty angering. Talk about patting yourself on the back. Lets havealook at it. First of all-in what way are the actions of anyone here “brave”? What an absolutely preposterous thing to suggest. The Superbowl is one of the worlds greatest sporting occasions, which sadly makes it one of the worlds greatest advertising occasions also. The minute anyone tries to implicate that actions taken in an advertising department are in any way as memorable or as meaningful as those taken onasportsfield is the time we should rethink exactly what the values we try to adhere to are. And to suggest that 12000 tweets fromabiscuit company is the most powerful piece of advertising when the tv advertisements probably reached 1.5 billion people worldwide is also absurd.Iwish there were no place on this planet for articles highlighting something as pointless as this.

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