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What Insurance Options Do High-Risk Drivers Have?

No matter how much of an excitement drivers can feel inside their cars, they still have to do that with responsibility.

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Anytime they get on the road, everything they do has the potential to affect other drivers. Even small mistakes can trigger a chain of events that lead to an accident. There is little room for errors since minor traffic violations also contribute to higher risk of unfortunate events. Failure to obey traffic signs, improper turns, fender bender, or traffic light violation can be dangerous not only for the disobedient drivers, but also for everyone else on the road.

Irresponsible drivers have to deal with punitive consequences for examples traffic tickets or points, fines, personal injury lawyer and the obligation to pay higher premium rate for auto insurance. From insurance companies’ point of view, recurrent traffic violations are clear signs to indicate that the drivers are in high-risk category and prone to road accidents. Most insurers are reluctant to provide financial protection for such drivers and they can cancel active policy anytime necessary to avoid expensive claims. It is often almost impossible for high-risk drivers to acquire policies from standard insurance market, but they still have two options available.

1.State-assigned Risk Pool

An auto insurance system which operates under government’s set of regulations. Every insurer who participates in the program agrees to provide insurance for high-risk drivers on voluntary basis. The insurance company keeps the profits from the policyholders and must also absorb potential losses that come with them. Although the company runs its insurance business as private entity, the risk pool is a separate proportion of the business in which the government has control over application approval. Premium is higher than typical rate from standard or private provider. With assigned-risk pool, policyholders must pay a penalty for every violation they made in the past. Local DMV makes a record of driver’s history; longer list of traffic violation means more expensive premium as well.

2.Non-standard Insurance Market

Another option is to get insurance policies from the non-standard market. Unlike assigned-risk program, the government has no direct involvement in the application and approval process. Auto insurance companies who operate in non-standard market also charge higher premium. The good thing is that they specialize in high-risk drivers. Applicants get to choose the companies they prefer and apply for insurance through normal procedures without interference from government.

From those options, the latter is preferable because the insurance companies focus only on high-risk drivers. They write policies not only for drivers with bad DMV records, but also accept customers who qualify as high-risk for other reasons, too. High performance cars, bad credit score, young age, or bad neighborhood with high crime rate can contribute to high-risk label, but non-standard insurance market is ready to provide protections. These companies are often able to offer more comprehensive coverage as well. When it comes to non-standard insurance market, Insurance company has been exemplary in terms of coverage options, drivers’ discounts, and payment options. The company has been in this business for more than 25 years now.

Good Insurance company holds the license to sell and underwrite insurance policies in all states except Alaska, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Montana, and Rhode Island. However, it works within a broad network of auto insurer all over the country and can refer applicants to any of its affiliates as follows:

• American Independent Insurance Company

• Bankers Independent Insurance Company

• Omni Insurance Company

• Omni Indemnity Company

• Personal Service Insurance Company

• Titan Insurance (a Nationwide Insurance Company)

• The General

• Progressive

• Infinity Auto Insurance

In times when Good Insurance company cannot serve any applicants in their areas, the company can offer insurance policies through multiple affiliates, so there is almost no application rejection.

Payment Options

An insurer who specializes in high-risk drivers understands that the premium is more expensive than standard rate, and this is why Insurance compnay offers several payment options to help keep the cost low. Policyholders can choose the most preferable payment options below to manage their insurance expenses.

Economy Plan: a regular monthly installment for a policy period of one year. The payment is due every month, and there is an affordable upfront.

Quarterly Plan: with this option, the payment is due every four months. In case the economy plan is too cumbersome, the quarterly plan should be suitable.

Annual Plan: for those who have the financial resource to pay the premium with one-time payment, annual plan is best and it comes with discount as well.

Apart from the Annual Plan Discount, Insurance company also offers a myriad of other premium reduction options for eligible policyholders. Each discount gives different percentage of reduction, and some discounts even offer more than 20% off premium. Since a policyholder can be eligible for multiple discounts at the same time, the total amount can give substantial decrease in price. Some of the best are:

Good Driver Discount: total amount of reduction is between 10% and 35% off the total premium. Eligibility requirements include the installation of a small electronic tracker with which the company monitor the car’s whereabouts at all times. Speed and locations are under constant surveillance. As long as the driver behaves well on the road, the tracker is not intrusive at all.

Defensive Driver Discount: average price decrease is from 5% to 15% off premium. A driver must enroll in defensive-driving course to be eligible. To maintain eligibility, a driver needs to take the course once in several years.

Other discounts from Insurance company include good student, multi-vehicles, renewal, and homeownership discounts.

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