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    Sep 17, 2013

    16 Cats Who Live To Say "Cheese"

    When you've got it, flaunt it. When you're a cat who's got it, flaunt it more. Check out these fabulous cats who were made for the camera. They may be models, but they still treat themselves with Temptations® Cheezy Middles.

    1. The Fiercest Feline

    Getty / Michael Loccisano


    2. The Lover of Light

    Bryan Ochalla / Via Flickr: bochalla

    Werk that coffee table.

    3. The Prince of Posing

    Getty / James Glossop

    Royal werk.

    4. The Subtle Star

    Sandy Schultz / Via Flickr: chatblanc1

    "I'm not even trying" werk.

    5. The Blue-Eyed Beauty

    chaf.haddad / Via Flickr: chaf

    Icy werk.

    6. The Classic Cat Captured

    Beverly & Pack / Via Flickr: walkadog

    Werkin' it sepia style.

    7. The Natural Gazer

    Jody McNary / Via Flickr: 27999126@N05

    Organic werk.

    8. The Rooftop Rascal

    InOutPeaceProject / Via Flickr: inoutpeaceproject

    Speedy werk.

    9. The Passionate Pussycat

    Mandy Robinson / Via Flickr: mandophoto

    Werkin' it close.

    10. The Impressionist

    Gil Elvgren / Via

    Werkin' it like a pin-up.

    11. The Tail End

    Rob Marquardt / Via Flickr: sometoast

    Werkin' everything she's got.

    12. The Acrobat

    Jordan Spalding / Via Flickr: b_lumenkraft

    Motion werk.

    13. The Tightrope Tease

    Stefan Tell / Via Flickr: stefantell

    Prop werk.

    14. The Tag Team

    Lisa I / Via Flickr: bpheonix

    Werkin' it all twice.

    15. The Artist of Attitude

    Karamell Zucker / Via Flickr: karamell

    Werkin' that teen angst.

    16. The Cheeseball

    Pete Coleman / Via Flickr: dr_pete

    Werkin' those pearly whites.