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What It's Like To Be A Pro-Life Student

Ever feel like you're the only pro-life student dealing with hardships? Let us tell you - you're not alone!

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1. Sometimes our fellow students can be downright mean.

2. When it seems like you are the only student on campus that cares about preborn babies and women

But then you finally meet other pro-life students

3. What people think you believe:

What you actually believe:

4. How you feel when picked on by abortion supporting teachers

But then you decide to take a stance for preborn babies & their mothers - no matter the cost

5. When you try to have an intellectual conversation with abortion advocates and they show up like...

6. When your school administration won't approve your pro-life club because it’s “too controversial” or “illegal”

7. When people claim that you are only pro-life “before birth” and don’t care about women

But you love and care for both mother & baby!

8. When you find out your hard work saved a life

9. Remember…Students for Life of America is ALWAYS here for you!

Find out more about Students for Life of America at

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