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Pro-Life Pick-Up Lines

You'll be sure to score a date using these pick-up lines.

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1. "Do you pray at this clinic often?"

2. "Want to come over to my house and listen to the Life Report?"

3. "Want to come over to my place and see my signed copy of 'The Case for Life' by Scott Klusendorf?"

4. "I’d love if you celebrated the recent baby save by going out to dinner with me."

5. "Will you be my date to Student for Life of America's National Conference?"

6. "The color of your Rock for Life shirt really brings out the color of your eyes."

7. "Want to brush up on pro-life apologetics with me sometime?"

8. "Wow! You do a great job making pro-life signs. Want to help me with mine?"

9. "I’m glad you came to the candle light vigil – you look good in candle light."

10. "Put on your high heels because I'm picking you as my partner for Pro-Life Lobby Day!"

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