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Thanksgiving: How To Break It To Your Folks You're Dedicating Your Life To Abolishing Abortion

So, you're home for Thanksgiving. Time to catch up with your family and friends and tell them about what you have been up to while at school. Students for Life of America has compiled some tips for how to have that awkward conversation with the folks and some of your pro-abortion relatives about what you do in your Students for Life group and how you have dedicated your life to being an abortion abolitionist.

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Start a conversation with, “So, this past semester, my Students for Life group was able to help a woman….”

Set a place at your dinner table for a child missing from abortion.

Wear your "I am the Pro-Life Generation" T-shirt over your nice sweater. When someone asks you what you want on your plate, reply, "Justice for the preborn and their moms."

Give your folks the good news first by starting off saying, “Mom! Dad! I have a job as soon as I graduate! Guess what it is!"

If you have pro-abortion aunts and uncles, give your 12 week fetal models to their kids to play with when dinner is over.

When it’s your turn to say what you’re thankful for, say “I’m thankful for the beauty of Life and for my parents who given me every opportunity to succeed. I'm thankful for the choice I have made to become an abortion abolitionists after I graduate."

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