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Abortion Abolitionist Problems

This may be a post about some of the frustrations of being a pro-life activist, but it no way implies that we regret even a moment of our important work. We love what we do, but, every once in a while, it's great to have some fun at our own expense. Visit us at!

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Looking for an outfit to wear means sifting through many, MANY pro-life shirts.

When a casual conversation about pro-life tactics turns into an all out brawl about the use of graphic images.

When you receive an email or phone call from a person declaring that they know the ONE thing that will abolish abortion.

You've heard them before: Putting red tape over your mouth, “coming to Jesus," showing graphic images, and passing out free cupcakes. All of these ideas are simply a PART of abolishing abortion - not the solution.

Your fetal models melted from being in your trunk for far too long.

You’ve been called a “woman hater” more times than you can count.

Holiday gatherings can be quite awkward if you have “pro-choice” family members.

When someone says a preborn baby is “just a fetus” and not worthy of personhood.

When you ask someone what their group does to help inspire and train our generation to abolish abortion and they reply, “We have an oratory contest.”

And then you Google "oratory" and live to regret it….

When a local pastor says the reason his church won’t go and pray in front of the abortion facility because, “That’s too political.”

When a politician says he’s pro-life and once in office - refuses to do anything about it.

When you are participating in 40 Days for Life… and you can’t tell whether a honk is friendly or angry.

When that person says using the term “abolish abortion” is too militant or aggressive.

When you see a pro-life sticker on a stranger’s car...

Despite dedicating your life to ending abortion, you are told you have you can't be an Abortion Abolitionist because you believe in incremental pro-life legislation…

When someone says they are “pro-life” but they support Planned Parenthood.

When you find out the guy/girl you have a crush on is pro-abortion...

But then a cute guy/girl asks you to the Students for Life of America National Conference...

Join us at our National Conference!

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