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Timeless SEO - The Article Of Your Dreams

That's right the first ever Timeless SEO article and guide. Read how no matter the search engine updates you can rank and provide value to your readers, forever.

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A Everlasting Guide to Search Engine Optimisation

So What am I talking about Everlasting?..

Impossible right...

Hundreds of Ranking factors, changing constantly, expanding and contracting and ever learning adapting to user reactions...

Is it truly possible there can be a guide which can last forever?...

Read this and judge for yourself.

The Beginning

We all know the story, backlinks were given life and over-night smart people figured out how to manipulate this simple system, ranked and banked.

Google adapted....

The Recent

PBN's and more and more, yeah I know, that was pretty much it and still hold merit at least in the short term. Honestly how anyone thinks that a domain that was once alive then died for a while and came back under a different visage to do different things wont be picked up...... this is Big G's playground afterall.

Google Adapting... (Lest we forget recent and ongoing international worldwide updates)

The Now and Going Forward

So where are we at? where is Google taking us and what can we do to make sure we can always be up there with our products or services, the answer is pretty simple.

I hate to say this myself as I used to find it mildly annoying to say the least....

But, It's content.... * Tumbleweed * I know, I said it....

I can't unsay it....

Explain You Say?

Ok, now it's really is about the content, for the keywords everybody wants, but my opinion and that is what I offer here its pretty dam obvious to every single person that ever sits down with the intention to write a webpage that great content is always the aim, failing short is usually the end goal.

I wish simply just to offer you a train of thought, I tend to think apparently slightly different from most when it comes to producing content and how it should be structured, so now I am going to share a little bit about my process and thoughts in content creation which you can be certain will rank for an age.

The Content Creation Process

So here we are, at the keyboard probably with some researched keyword from Long tail pro or the sort telling us we can do this.

And Bam....

90% of the time this is the moment the divergence occurs in thinking....

See, we actually just with our freshly ranked keyword build up in our head what kind of content we need to rank for the term based on our own opinion stats about this and about that, images about related things, basically just giving our self the finish line, not really taking into account the actual topic itself.

Now I like to take a lot of pride in my work, I speak from the cuff as you can tell in a style to which I think takes people along on more of a journey than an article, alas I digress....

Timeless SEO a Guide

Now we leap into my head for a moment and if you use simple methods for content creation you might want to strap yourselves in about now as we about to run headlong into searching the internet for useful tips.

Drop the term keyword from your heads for the duration of this process, We will now be using the term "Topic" in reference to our search term.

Research is the starting point and feel free to call me mad but this process and quite an involved one.

* Get right onto google and type the topic in and copy the related terms to a notepad (The related terms are that which autopopulate under the search field)

* Get onto Youtube and type in your selected topic again copying related search terms to notepad

* Explore the wider niche for authority's (Leaders, influencers with a following) outbound link relevancy, copy the biggest 2 - 5 into notepad

* Go to Quora and type in topic term, Copy related questions 3 - 6 to notepad

* Go to Yahoo Answers type in topic and Copy related questions 3 - 6 to notepad

* Grab 2 related (Non-Competitive) Youtube Videos link to notepad

* Analyse 3 related niche sites for trending topics (or related and fresh posts which you can link to for topical relevancy) copy any to notepad

What we have:

10 related search terms (Google Suggested)

Several Youtube related search videos

6 - 12 Questions and Answers on the topic

2 Video's Closely related to topic

Possibly Trending topics

We have established the big players and looked over there sites for idea's

Now put all this together using the following tips:

* Alt Tag All Images with related topic terms for relevancy (Get Free images at Pexels if your stuck and use long tail keywords where applicable)

* Layout the questions and answer's, have a look around on social media for topics (what are people talking about, why are they talking about it, wheres the pain and whats the solution)

Include the videos ONLY where it adds more to the topic

* Have more than just the words in there, build up a page exploring the topic, if its worth taking the time to write it then do it so it should only ever be done once.

Our Only Goal Is to Benefit the Reader and or Sell Something

so tell a story, Don't sell explore it, Businesses often forget they are problem solvers, Jim Rohn once said "Find the Pain, Find the money", keep that mindset, your job in writing anything is to create something useful, something that answers questions, if it does explain why, forget word counts don't stop until the story is finished.

Put the time in, because when you get up to the top of the rankings with only back links you realise the value of simply writing well.

Anyone that set's to create a webpage, is an artist, the canvas, the paint and the paintbrush.....

You have the opportunity right here and now to build something that could potentially last a lifetime and I mean that, the names of the businesses may change as well as the platforms.

But the true essence of the internet is, is a commonly shared database used the world over and beyond, google today provides that platform and its knowledge and capabilities expand everyday enabling more connectivity and reach for all of us.

Now I did not mention backlinks here and truly because over time its the interactions that will take your page to the top, and it will so justly off of your own time and merit.

There are no back links I know of that will beat the best piece of content for the topic and rightly so.

Aim to make that best piece of content, don't lose touch with why you first created a webpage or a blog post, Outsourcing here or there for pennies.

Invest in your tomorrow by just simply putting out the best works possible, aim to provide something in your writing, a thought, an idea.

I was recently asked by someone curious about internet marketing about all the tools I use to do work on the internet, he expected the costed a fortune and some were and some not so much.

However, when I thought about it I actually said to him that despite all the tools, I enjoyed nothing more the the glare of the white lights under my keyboard and a blank word document.

Funny how the further you go down a complex route, the simpler things tend to get.

Whatever anyone says to get started writing, you just have to write, It's easier to edit a page full of text than a blank document.

Do not be afraid to reach out and offer to guest post, this is the single biggest weapon in your arsenal as it separate's someone from building links to a marketer and net-worker, leading to very long term powerful friends & relationships which only grow in time.

Promoting your Content is Key

Now you could go spend a fortune on advertising depending on your situation but really what would be the point, If you have done as I said above the right now you are sitting with one amazing webpage about a particular topic.

Reach Out:

Was it hard for us earlier to go to Google and copy down some websites, well go do that again with any blog, website, forum or Facebook group that will have you.

This truly is the easy bit because the people discussing your topic are a Google search away, start emailing those bloggers and webmasters, message people on social media with your posts to share it, trust me if you take the time these people are more than happy to promote your stuff, why?....

Value.... the same reason all the back link building in the world doesn't matter

You offer them Value to the reader's, plain and simple.

Get writing, then get emailing, winning with content is all about controlling and mediating your attention.

Focus on the content, Your readers will love and trust you for it and so will Google and every other search engine for the simple fact, you provide the best source of knowledge on the topic.

Have a great day!

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