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    • stuarta4

      Oh and with respect to …. “So, despite their emphatic “WE ARE NOT RACIST, HAHA!” the racism kicks in literally 3 seconds into the video, when they use this font” … you see it on the front of every second china town shop here in Thailand … come on guys, get over yourselves. Try looking at the real racism towards African Americans and Mexicans in the USA, towards the Arabs, towards the Indigenous in Australia … the list goes on.

    • stuarta4

      hmmm … ok I think people are blowing things outa proportion a little. Firstly I’m a white male living in Thailand. Here in Thailand they have a word “farang” meaning anyone not Asian … it’s not considered racist to use it. Here they try to whiten their skin to try and emulate westerners because white skin is seen to be an indicator of wealth. They almost worship Western products. But most of all, NO ONE and I really mean no one is more racist towards Asians than the Asians themselves … seriously … for example the Thais had a war with the Shan Dai 400 odd years ago and they still hate each other with a passion. But none of this is really relevant. I love Asian girls .. I moved here because I love the food, the culture, the strong family values, a woman can be feminine without being accused of being submissive … hell the list goes on.  Just because I like Asian girls more than western girls doesn’t make me racist … it means I have a preference. That preference make well be defined by many attributes … for example I think Asian eyes are so dark and sultry, I find that attractive … I don’t like light blue eyes because they look cold … it’s simply a preference and that is NOT racist.  I love sticky rice and mango … fantastic desert … before criticising people, try eating it … it’s awesome. Are Asian girls sexier? In my personal opinion yes they generally are … mostly because they really DO like to play up the femininity and that’s THEIR choice. Some don’t, most do … that’s not a generalisation, it’s a fact. Foot rubs, china town, etc? You just try walking down the road here in Chiang Mai without someone asking you if you want a massage … try them … Thai massage is awesome too. I love it. I listened to this song and yes it is a funny send up of what you get over here in Asia, but it’s quite accurate … hate to say this to those of you who don’t want to here it but your feelings don’t change the facts.  I see this song as a send up of some guys preferences … not a matter of racism ….. I hear the local talk far worse about each other than is in this song. Don’t believe, then come on over and I’ll show you around for the day.

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