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    What The Gurus Don’t Want You To Know About Losing Weight After 40

    What they (the experts) don’t tell you about losing weight after 40 and keeping if off is scandalous.

    Women Talking About Healthy Diets To Lose Weight

    I think it’s impossible to get together with a group of women and not talk about our weight.

    You do it, don’t you?

    Okay, we may also talk about our hair and shoes, but invariably the conversation will turn to the problem of our extra weight after 40 that we can’t get rid of.

    I was at a business event, sitting at a table with 5 other women. While we are waiting for lunch to be served we got onto the subject of the straight legged pants that you see everywhere.

    One woman said how much she loves the look, but she has to lose the extra 10 pounds she can’t seem to get rid of before she could consider wearing them. The other lady said she held off on dating with a guy she met on Loveawake dating site until she lost the weight, bought better clothes, and become a brilliant future version of herself.

    That conversation very quickly moved to all the different diets and who’s tried what.

    You’ve had those conversations, right?

    The Best Diets To Lose Weight: Who’s Tried What?

    Once you hit the big 4-0 women are frequently seeking a sensible and healthy way to lose weight.

    So, two of the women in our group had tried the low carb diet. Both were successful in taking off the pounds they wanted to lose and they said it did not take that long to lose the weight.

    One of the women lost 35 pounds. The other lost 25 pounds. Pretty impressive weight loss, don’t you think? Is this it? What is the secret to losing weight and not gaining it back?

    The Rest Of The Dieting Saga

    Both women had almost the exact same experience. Not too long after losing their weight they also started to lose their motivation to stay 100% on this rather restrictive diet. The thought was just by carefully adding back just a few of the foods they were craving…

    Slowly but surely it wasn’t long before they gained back most of the weight they had lost. How depressing is that? Then lunch was served.

    It is true, keeping the weight off after losing it is the dilemma for most mature women dieting over forty. We all have experienced the frustration of packing the pounds back on after being on one of the ‘fad’ diets.

    For Women Losing Weight After 40: Our Bodies Play Tricks On Us

    We cheat just a little and then with great trepidation we get on the scale afraid to look.

    Wowzee, no weight gain

    Okay, so now we know we can cheat just a little and we’ll be okay. Fast forward a few months. Wow we’ve been forgetting to weigh ourselves. Really, forgetting? This would not be a good time to take a polygraph test.

    Well You Know The Dieting Drill…

    We make a deal with ourselves. I’m going to be really careful about what I eat for the next month and then I will weigh myself. Okay so my pants are feeling a little tight, but I think I’m just bloated.

    I got it…

    I’ll wear my pants that still feel a little lose. Okay, so what if these are the pants I was wearing before I lost my extra pounds. Fast forward a few months. Oh, oh these pants are tight, get on the scale. No way, I can’t believe it, I have gained back all the weight I lost. There is only one way to deal with this depressing news.

    My favorite Ben and Jerry chocolate ice cream will make me feel better, better, better. I hate it when this happens

    Okay, I promised to tell you what the experts don’t tell you about losing weight and gaining it back. Many diets are made to fail. In fact most diets are guaranteed to fail. And it’s not your fault.

    Try as you might…

    There is a built in fail mechanism in the most popular fad diets.

    What Most Women Want Are Simple Ways To Lose Weight Naturally

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