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Things You Shouldn't Say To A Guy While Kissing

Kissing is a wonderful way to show your love. Reduce your stress by knowing what NOT to do and have fun! Check out these things you should never do when kissing!

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Kissing stimulates more than 30 muscles in your face, which can help stimulate blood and smooth your skin. Kissing also prevents cavities, gingivitis and tartar buildup by stimulating saliva production. And a five-second kiss can burn up to 12 calories! What better reasons do you have NOT to interrupt your make-out sesh with words? If you still can't keep quiet, though, please refrain from uttering any of the following ill-advised aphorisms, guaranteed to offend, perplex and creep out your dude.

10. "Wanna get a hotel room?"

Solid relationship going on two years? This is a perfect, spontaneous suggestion. But, if you're a rookie acquaintance, pump the brakes. You don't want us thinking you're that type of girl.

9. "How about a mint?"

Ya know, Halitophobia -- the delusional fear that one suffers from bad breath-affects 0.5-1.0 percent of the adult population. And if you're just trying to get out of a bad kiss, you're not helping. Discreetly flash your Wisp and we'll get the idea.

8. "This is awesome!"

Don't get us wrong, we're psyched that you're enjoying yourself. But exclamatory outbursts are best saved for the playoffs and/or Shark Week, not romantic moments.

7. "Hey! I know that guy over there!"

The fact that your attention was diverted to another guy is second only in disheartening creepiness to the fact that you kiss with your eyes open. Weirdo.

6. "Hang on, lemme take out my retainer."

Wait -- how old did you say you were?

5. "I've got a cold. We should stop."

If you're suddenly conscious of your status as a disease-carrying Petri dish -- as opposed to considerately aware enough to warn us before we swap germs -- we'll call your bluff.

4. "Lemme answer that."

Answering your phone at any point during a date is just plain rude. Plus, why would you want to deprive this moment of the mood-setting Lady Gaga ringtone background music?

3. "You're a better kisser than my boyfriend."

That's not cool. But saying we're better than your girlfriend is a reason for pats on the back. Does she want to watch?

2. "First time, huh?"

During a kiss, people exchange nearly 300 different types of bacteria -- most of which are not dangerous. Excuse us for being selective about our previous lip-locking.

1. "I love you!"

Is that really something you wanna risk saying as you pull away prematurely, leaving a drool zipline anchored between us?

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