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    • strega

      Don’t have t.v. so I’ve only seen clips on the web. I’m torn between wondering how this hayseed family was ‘discovered’ as opposed to ‘coached’ and finding some of this child’s pronouncements more sagacious than many adults. I saw a clip that included her remarks about her Uncle Poodle and her remarkably enlightened position on ‘gays’ i.e. “everybody’s a little gay”. If this isn’t her own original idea it may be a remark that she heard from her Mama.  I surrender when it comes to comprehending the popularity of this child however, from the few occasions when I’ve watched her clips I’ve observed her mother’s behaviour toward her and found it sweet, poignant. Yes, they’re coarse and ‘out there’ and I agree Honey Boo Boo is weird but in a most interesting and engaging way. I agree that the foods they eat like “Sketti” make me both gag and giggle in almost equal measure. So, unquantifiable but fascinating.

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