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11 Reasons Why Finals Are Actually The Best

You may be tired, brain-dead, and stressed out of your mind. But you have to admit — it’s kind of a beautiful disaster. If paying for a college degree has you even more stressed, check out Strayer University, making earning your bachelor's degree up to 40% more affordable.

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1. All that time at the coffee shop is actually increasing your creativity.

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It's true! The mood music played at your local coffee joint has been shown to make you more productive and imaginative.

3. And to take a nap.


If napping usually makes you feel like a lazy person, use finals as an excuse to get some guilt-free sleep. Napping (done the right way) will keep you alert well into the next day, even after sleeping the night in between.

7. And after the test, you become an expert on a subject you never thought you would.


In fact, it's the test itself that often provokes retention. Studies show you're more likely to actually learn something if you know you'll be tested on it.

8. Checking your grades is a fun thrill! It's like a scary movie, but you don't have to buy a ticket.


But, hey! At least you're stressed for a reason. This year, 78% of employers reported that GPA is a criterion by which they screen candidates. :/