11 Statistics That Every Student Needs To See

Knowledge is power! Arm yourself with this life-changing data and take your higher learning to a new altitude.

1. On average, a bachelor's degree is worth $821,956 more than a high school degree.

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2. College students are hit with an average of two parking tickets per year.

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3. 25% of students live on-campus because it's easy and convenient…

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…but it costs, on average, $2,238 more than living off-campus.

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4. Highest paid major:

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5. Lowest paid major:

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6. Studying is important, but 70% of students prefer to do it alone.

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7. Breakdown of time spent during finals week:

8. 37% of college grads wish they had picked a different major.

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9. Education majors have the highest GPA (3.36).

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10. 100% of the faculty look like wizards at graduation.

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…it’s science.

11. You're going to have a great school year … statistically speaking, of course.

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