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    The Amazing History Of The Selfie

    Oh, the selfie: The trend that keeps on giving. While most people attribute the rise of the selfie to self-obsessed cell phone-weidling millennials with too much time on their hands, that’s not exactly the case. Here at the Stray Boots headquarters, we did some digging and were surprised to find out that the dawn of the selfie dated back waaayyyy before the internet.

    History's First Duck-Face Selfie

    Is that a glimmer of a duck face we see in this Rembrandt self-portrait from 1630?

    History's First Tortured Hipster Selfie


    How many times do you think artist Gustave Courbet had to strike this pose in the mirror while working on his 1843 selfie?

    History's First Selfie-with-a-Cat


    Louis Valtat's 17th century cat selfie, complete with a waxed handle-bar mustache.

    History's First Mirror Selfie


    At least artist Parmigianino didn't have to deal with the pesky iPhone flash when he painted this 1524 mirror selfie.

    History's First Funny-Faced Selfie


    Leopold Boilly presumably held this pose for hours at a time while drawing this 1822, which makes the few seconds a 13-year-old makes this face while snapping a picture on his or her iPhone seem like less of a crime.

    Want more about history's first selfies? Check out the Stray Boots Blog.

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