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    14 Adorable Heart-Shaped Valentine's Treats

    Eat your heart out!

    1. Valentine's Fruit Parfaits

    StrawmarySmith / Via

    2. Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies

    Kitchen Gidget / Via

    3. Palmiers

    Cook With Manali / Via

    4. Red Velvet Rice Krispies Treats

    Fresh April Flours / Via

    5. Vegan Chocolate Caramels

    A Virtual Vegan / Via

    6. Easy Frosted Valentine Cookies

    Culinary Hill / Via

    8. Colorful Splatter Paint Heart Cookies

    A Side of Sweet / Via

    9. Fresh Raspberry Mini Cakes

    Goodie Godmother / Via

    10. Puff Pastry Jam Hearts for your Valentine

    Bavarian Picture / Via

    12. Valentine's Heart Macarons

    Live For Cake / Via

    13. Strawberry-Vanilla French Toast Hearts

    StrawmarySmith / Via

    14. Valentine Chocolate Dipped Heart Cookies

    An Italian in my Kitchen / Via

    Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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