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    18 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit Turin

    Ever thought about visiting Turin? Well think again. Here are 18 good reasons why you should never, ever visit Turin.

    1. Ignore people who say it's pretty

    Daniele Bertin / Via

    Turin at dawn

    2. As you can see, it clearly isn't

    BiaxLeon on Flickr

    3. Ugh, I can't even look at it!

    EuroPhoto Pixitalia / Via

    4. Being a post-industrial city, its buildings are all so grey and ugly

    Hen-Magonza/Flickr / Via

    5. In fact, it's pretty depressing to walk around

    6. Turin is a city with no culture


    National Museum of Cinema

    7. No green spaces


    Valentin Park

    8. And no good food

    9. Oh yeah, don't get me started on how bad the coffee is!

    10. The city is a ghost town after 7pm

    11. And there's never been a good concert

    12. Never!

    13. In fact, there's hardly ever been any special events at all! / Via

    2006 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

    14. Also, the football scene is honestly not very exciting / Via

    Juventus Stadium

    15. Considering there are no other sports

    Picasa / Via

    16. So yeah, there's really no reason why you should visit Turin

    17. No reason at all

    18. Not one.

    Know other reasons why you should never visit Turin? Share them online followed by the hashtags #hiddenturin #torinonascosta

    Conosci altri motivi per cui nessuno dovrebbe mai visitare Torino? Condividili online con gli hashtag #torinonascosta e #hiddenturin


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