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11 Reasons Why The Holidays Were Supremely Lame Without Phones

We forget the holidays were way less magical without phones.

1. Your drive never had a podcast — only whatever lameness the radio had to offer.

2. Remember how you couldn’t livestream your pets trying on their cute little holiday outfits?

3. Or take a selfie of your OWN rad holiday outfit.

4. Without phones, the holidays meant a lot of sitting around, bored at the “kids' table.”

5. Instead of tracking Santa online, your parents made you meet him at the mall.

6. You weren’t able to fact-check all the crazy stuff your Uncle John said.

7. You had to watch family movies on VCRs.

8. You couldn’t group-text your friends to see which one of you has the most adorable grandma.

9. You couldn’t use your GPS to find where the bars are after everyone is finally asleep.

10. Or make a parody account for your little cousin’s snowman, who appears to long for death.

11. And finally... without throwback photos, you couldn't easily remember how beautiful (and weird) the holidays are.

Phones make the awesome things about the holidays more awesome and the lame things...a little less lame. When it comes to your smartphone, switch to Straight Talk’s $55/10GB Plan, the ultimate holiday helper.