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11 Ways Smartphones Have Changed Our Entire Lives

They've really changed our lives, because we literally cannot live without them now.

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1. No more forced, stilted small talk with anyone at any time. / Via

Awkward elevator ride with a too-eager co-worker? Getting married and feeling a little self-conscious about all the attention? Never fear — texts are here!

2. More proving your friends wrong to rub it in their faces.

Now that you have the internet at your fingertips at ALL times, you can find solid evidence that "Scared Girl #2" from the horror movie was the same woman from the cell phone commercial.

3. No more being late (unexpectedly)...

BuzzFeed Violet /

Now you can tell people when you're running late. Which is ~always~ now! Isn't that great? And you have more flexibility to adjust your plans accordingly.

4. Fewer forgotten anniversaries, meaning fewer nights of sleeping on the couch.

All thanks to the magic of your smartphone's calendar and its many reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Unfortunately, there's no alarm for when your child is about to practice competitive diving on your body.

5. Better note-taking.

Type yourself notes and emails, or set alarms to give yourself reminders. It's a great alternative to writing all over your hands and suffering ink poisoning.

6. More selfies to remember all those times you looked damn good.

Camera phones are the worst things ever to happen to cameras but the best things to ever happen to people who like to see themselves while they're being photographed. #frontfacing

7. All your jams in one place so you're always in your own music video. / Via

Having all of your favorite music with you at all times just means always having the perfect soundtrack to your snack or laundry run.

8. No more struggling with the impossible puzzle of refolding giant paper maps.

GPS: The greatest invention since...giant paper maps.
Image Source / Getty Images

GPS: The greatest invention since...giant paper maps.

9. No more panic over losing your little black book.

If only LBBs had passcodes on them.

10. More hard work away from the office.

Now that you can send and receive emails from your smartphone, no one will be the wiser if you decide to take your business to Honolulu or Marrakech...or your living room.

11. And where there's a Wi-Fi, there's a way.

Nickelodeon / Via

Free Wi-Fi literally means unlimited possibilities. STREAM AWAY!

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