10 Reasons Why Summer Rules, Winter Drools

Winter is cool…if you like being cold, grumpy and miserable for 3 months straight. Here are some absolute facts why summer is the superior season. Got a friend who disagrees? Hear the other side then let us know what you think!

1. You can finally bust out your booty shorts.

Colten Crowe / Via instagram.com

Oh heyyyy!

2. This is what an ice storm looks like in the summer.

cyclonebill / Via Flickr: 23178876@N03

Burrrrrr ; )

3. You can stop fake tanning and catch some real rays.

Prepare to do some untagging, guys.

4. You can Instagram pictures of your legs by the pool!

Sarah Cole / Via instagram.com

What’s the point of summer, or legs for that matter, if you can’t snap pics of yourself by the pool?

See? Everyone is doing it!

Allyeee / Via instagram.com

…Like, everyone.

Rodney P. Vdl / Via instagram.com

5. You get to have sexy beach hair!

Mike Baird / Via Flickr: 72825507@N00

Nothing like salt water to give you those big beautiful curls.

6. More fruit is in season.

Eden, Janine and Jim / Via Flickr: edenpictures

I hope she washed that thing.

7. You can eat ice cream for breakfast!

Edward Russell / Via Flickr: 21837558@N00

What? It’s just really cold milk.

8. Summer means family vacation season!

Get ready to smile big!

Or not.

Carissa Rogers / Via Flickr: goodncrazy

9. You get to pull sunscreen pranks on your friends.

Abigail Yoder / Via instagram.com

Writing on your unsuspecting friend in sunscreen while they lay out in the sun is a genius prank that you can’t play in the winter, boo.

10. You get to eat outside.

Nothing like a good ol’ summertime cookout.

But do you have a winter-loving friend who finds THIS more fun?

mirandax11 / Via instagram.com

Eating dinner under all those layers? Those crazy cold weather people.

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