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Coming Out Stories From Across The US

Stories for Love collects stories from the LGBT people across the US. With National Coming Out Day just around the corner, we wanted to share some that deal with Coming Out.

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1. Fresno, CA

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“When I came out to my family, I came out to my mom and my sister at the same time. My mom cried, but what surprised me was the fact that she didn’t cry because I was gay or, because she thought that I was going to go to hell for being gay...she actually cried because she was upset that it took me so long to come out to her. She was upset that I waited until I was already 21 and out already out on my own. I guess she would have wanted to know when I was younger.”

2. New York, NY

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“I’ve come out a few times. When I was 12, I came out as bisexual, and told my mom I liked girls. I wanted to give both myself and my parents hope that I can still lead a heteronormative life. A year later I came out as a lesbian. Then, when I moved onto college, I told my mom I was non-binary trans. Non-binary is a huge umbrella term, and there are a lot of identities that lie under non-binary. I identify as gender queer, it basically just means that I don’t identify as male or female, but I am somewhere on the spectrum....I am more on the male side, which is why I am transitioning, but it just means I am not any type of binary gender.”

3. Taft, CA

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“When I was younger I knew I was attracted to women. My family was very against that idea, and that was not what was expected of me. I was married to a guy, and I recently realized I was settling and not being true to myself. We separated, and are still going through a divorce. I told my parents I was not going to be dating men anymore, and they were caught off guard since I had been married to a man. My family thought it was a phase. A phase is 6 months, I’ve had these feelings since Jr. High. Within the last 8 months, I’ve seen a huge change. I don’t get anymore snarky remarks. My family and friends were really religious. It was not okay to be gay in the bible, so they were not accepting.”

4. Taos, NM

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“I am 72 years old and have been a lesbian since age 23, although there were a few years in there I was going back and forth between my female lover and my fiancé. I never came out to my parents when I was younger. I think they knew, but they made it clear that they did not want to discuss it by saying very bigoted things. I feel kind of bad about that whole situation.

I got into lesbian publishing for a while and published the book ‘What Lesbians Do,’ in 1975. I was in the west coast dyke scene back in the 70s, and that was a great scene. It was so lively."

6. Philadelphia, PA

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“I actually just came out as bisexual only three days ago... and it also just so happened to be bi-visibility week! I don’t know if I could have come out when everything was so rigidly structured on a binary. I’m so glad that our interpretations of human sexuality are now becoming more fluid and realistic, so I can just be authentically open and honest. It’s really liberating. Luckily, I have really great role-models in my amazing Aunts. They are bi and have been in a relationship with each other for 18 years.”

8. Sarasota, FL

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"I girded myself up to lose everyone in my life. With that weighing on my mind, I still got myself to go over the edge and come out as trans. Even if I lost everyone, it would have still been completely worth it. I finally have a life to live."

9. New York, NY

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“My mom didn’t want to accept the fact that her son was gay. When I told my dad, it was a huge episode, My dad turned to my brothers and sisters and said ‘your brother is a faggot’ when they walked in the house. I was so young and people kept telling me it was a phase. It took time for my family, but those who were able to progress, progressed.”

10. Fresno, CA

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“I’ve been out since 8th grade to my friends, but I was not able to choose to come out to my parents. grade. This girl had a crush on me in school, and it got out of hand and the school counselor got involved. Eventually it got out to my parents and we didn’t talk about it for 4 years. I remember being terrified, but relieved at the same time."

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