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12 Things We Judge Other People On But Definitely Do Ourselves

Special snowflake, amirite? But the one thing everyone should definitely not do? Text and drive. It's just not worth it. Stop the texts. Stop the wrecks.

1. Cutting in line.

2. Posting selfies on the internet.

3. Taking pictures of food.

When you do it: "OMG, this looks so delicious. Everybody needs to know about this bangin' sushi place."

When other people do it: "Yeah, yeah. I GET IT. You eat food."

4. Reclining your seat on an airplane.

5. Taking the elevator one floor.

6. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

7. Not knowing where to go out and eat.

8. Misspelling words and using incorrect grammar.

9. Using dating apps.

10. Singing aloud to songs.

11. Using a gazillion hashtags.

12. Showing off some PDA.

And something no one (yourself included) should ever do? Text and drive. ​

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You may judge people on texting and driving, but this is something you cannot be a hypocrite about! It's too dangerous, and it's not worth it. Stop the texts. Stop the wrecks.