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    • stopracism

      Zimmerman -His dad is white and his mom is Hispanic. Besides his race here…DO you realize in the media and in video recordings by the Black Panthers they are threatening to kill all “WHITES” over this case? That is RACIST!!!!They cannot blame the “Whites” for what Zimmerman did and we cannot keep bringing the talk of slavery back from 400 years. This is OUR generation and we are not responsible for their actions!!!YOU say your black children are not safe on the streets? Either are MINE. If this racist blasphemy doesn’t stop you are creating racism!!! You are taking us backwards in time. I don’t care if you a Celebrity, Reverend, President w.e u are you need to STOP the name calling and threats. Keep your focus on the case at hand Zimmerman. DO NOT LABEL WHITE, HISPANICS, ASIANS, etc. There are are many good people still left in this damn world we are not all bad look around for God Sakes. STOP the RACISM TALK!

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