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Drac Von Stoller Drac Von Stoller is a Horror Fiction Writer of "31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead" Series with 124 Short Stories with 125,000 plus downloads in over 87 Countries around the globe and Sold 1,286Audio Books on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. Drac Von ...
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  • #iTunes Top Performers In February#Ghost#Horror#Retailers-Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller has had a great month in February 2014 on iTunes in the Top Free Horror ; Ghost ; Top Paid Ghost as well as other retailers. I did not list other stories that were in the Top 20-100 because there were too many. Top Performers in Free Ghost Bloody Mary- #1 in Malta, Canada, Romania, Columbia, Netherlands, US, , New Zealand, UK, Australia, Dominican Republic and 16 other Countries in the Top 10. and has been Number 1 in a total of 22 Countries from July 2013 to date. Once Upon A Nightmare- #4 in Malta The Haunted Hearse- #8 in Canada Grim Reaper- #1 in Ireland Knock Three Times on My Grave- #2 in Sweden The Haunted Bridge- #3 in Spain The Ghosts of Summerville Plantation- #7 in Ireland, #9 in Canada, #10 Denmark, US, UK ; Belgium. The Ghost of Hill Haven Rd.- #4 Denmark, #6 Romania. The Headless Horsemen- #3 in Malta & Guatemala, #7 US. The Dare-#4 in Venezuela There’s Something Dead In This House- #2 in US, #4 in New Zealand Crypt of Terror- #4 in Mexico Bride-and Seek- #1 in Australia, #6 in US A Haunting at Winchester Grove Mansion- #2 in Germany Top Performers in Paid Ghost The Seance- #17 in Sweden 31 Horrifying Tales From The Dead Volume 1- #1 in New Zealand, #9 in Spain. Top Performers in Free Horror Buried Alive- #3 in Canada Don’t Go In The Woods- #5 in US Be Careful What You Wish For- #8 in New Zealand The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs- #3 in Canada, #7 in UK Smashwords- from 2/1-2/6/14 there were 1,100 downloads of 29 of 31 stories from 31 Horrifying Tales from The Dead Volume 5 and a grand total of 3,446 downloads for the month of February. Google Play- 26 stories are in Top Selling in Ghost, #1 story Bloody Mary in General Category, 10 stories in Top Selling in Fairy Tales,Mythology and Legends, 12 stories in Top Selling Horror, 15 stories in Top Selling Occult & Supernatural. Drac Von Stoller had 12,448 downloads of his short stories from all his retailers during the month of January and February he has over 9,000 that have been recorded and still has 8 retailers that downloads have not been received and will pass the 13,000 mark and March is going to be even better. Thanks for all of the Drac Von Stoller fans the more you download of my stories my chances of TV & Film will become a reality. Drac Von Stoller will be working hard the next months ahead to bring 31 New Audio Books and turning 12,000 downloads to 25,000 per month as soon as his many retailers are contacted to show the success Google Play has done for him because they have listened to Drac Von Stoller’s advice. This business isn’t for the weak, you have to fight for success. Drac Von Stoller website- dracvonstoller.wix.com/drac audio books- audible.com/dracvonstoller

  • #iTunes Top Free Ghost Story- Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller had a spectacular day on February 18, 2014 on iTunes in Canada his story “Bloody Mary” went Number 1 again, but here’s where it gets even better this happened all at once when his story hit the #1 spot he scrolled down and noticed something I’m not sure has ever happened to any author 25 of his own stories landed in the Top 38 then it got even more interesting scrolling down the charts and noticed over 30 stories from various authors went down the charts at a rapid pace. Drac couldn’t believe his eyes so he took a screen shot to capture that moment in time.

  • Total Countries And Downloads To Date Of Horror Fiction Writer Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller has now been viewed and downloaded in “92” Countries around the world. His short stories have now been downloaded over 160,000 times and all retailers figures are still coming in. Google is still my Number “1” Retailer followed by # 2 Apple, #3 Barnes & Noble, #4 Sony, #5 Smashwords, and sadly the first retailer I put my first story on #6 Amazon dead last. The funny thing about this whole thing is Amazon is supposed to be number 1 and Google is ranked 15, but Google apparently knows how to market, 15 of my stories are in the Best Sellers Ghost category and 11 in Horror. Another cool thing is to see my stories along side Stephen King and HP Lovecraft and others, never dreamed in a million years my stories would be along side these great authors. One story left to write and Volume 5 of “31 Horrifying Tales from The Dead” will be finished and there will be 31 “New” Audio Books available on iTunes, Audible and Amazon in a few months.

  • #iTunes Top Ghost Stories#Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller’s “Bloody Mary,” Rank History on iTunes Top Ghost Stories first day on charts to present in the United States. July 5- August 3, 2013 was #1 August 4-10, 2013 was #2 August 11-September 9, 2013 was #1 September 10-12, 2013 was #2 September 13,2013 to present is still #1 (Over 4 Months at Number 1) I didn’t realize that this story would be this popular and make it to the Number 1 Spot in 18 Countries and in the Top 5 in 26 Countries throughout the World. I have also been blessed that Google Books has become my Number 1 Retailer with up to 5,000 downloads per month. To date my stories have been downloaded over 150,000 times and by December 2014 on course to Double or Triple that number with Smashwords New Retailers plus others not listed. I am close to finishing my latest volume of 31 more stories bringing my total to 155. My goal is to have a TV Series in the future. Thanks to everyone that is following me throughout the 91 Countries I’m in. Without everyone’s support my stories would not be read.

  • #YouTube#New#Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller has added a “New” YouTube Country today “Guam,” bringing total YouTube Countries to “71” and grand total Drac has been downloaded and viewed to “91.” Keep spreading the name Drac Von Stoller across the globe.

  • iTunes Top 10 Ghost Stories In Canada-Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller’s short stories “Knock Three Times On My Grave,” is Number “1” “Tales From The Funeral Parlor,” is Number “2” “Bloody Mary,” is Number “3” “The Ghost of Hill Haven Rd.,” is Number “7” “The Ghosts of Summerville Plantation,” is Number “8” and “The Headless Horsemen,” is Number “9” on iTunes Top 10 Ghost Stories in Canada.

  • #iTunes Top 10 Free Ghost Stories#Drac Von Stoller

    Drac Von Stoller’s “Bloody Mary,” is Number “1” “There’s Something Dead In This House,” is Number “2” “Tales From The Funeral Parlor,” is Number “3” “The Ghosts of Summerville Plantation,” is Number “4” “Knock Three Times On My Grave,” is Number “7” and “The Haunted Mirror,” is Number “8” in iTunes Top 10 Ghost Stories.

  • iTunes Top 75 Free Horror-Drac Von Stoller

    Listed below are 19 Short Stories by Horror Fiction Writer Drac Von Stoller that are in iTunes Top 75 Free Horror. Haunted Mirror #6 Don’t Go In The Woods #24 The Night Halloween Took Over The World #26 The Babysitter and The Man Upstairs #28 Rise of The Zombies #32 The Killington Axe Murders #33 Knock! Knock! #36 Cannibal Lake #37 The Woman With The Velvet Ribbon Around Her Neck #38 Infected #39 The Legend of Haunted Hills Cemetery #49 Thump! Thump! Drag! #52 Cemetery of The Living Dead #55 The House of Death #57 Nightmare Inn #58 It Came From Hell #59 Pray for Daylight #60 Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light #61 Flesh Ripper #62

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