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"Call Me Maybe" Is The Song Of Summer 2012

Summer and great music go hand in hand. But there's no way we're going to recycle last year's tracks and spend the next few months listening to those. So what is the song of Summer, 2012? You can't be too shocked to learn that it's Carly Rae Jepsen's monstrous hit, "Call Me Maybe." Check out the reasons why, and listen to all the glorious renditions of it for these next few months while drinking Stoli.

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The Original

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Aside from the catchy tune, we love how "Call Me Maybe" gives us the courage to shamelessly give our numbers to people we've just met. It's like Carly Rae is forcing us to be bold — and we're definitely not going to disappoint her! But here are some other reasons why we love the song:

1. Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Love It

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In fact, Biebz and Selena love "Call Me Maybe" so much that they bought bananas and fake mustaches from the grocery store and had their friends drive over so they could all sing it together.

2. There's A Dubstep Version

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All the best jams get dubstepped.

3. It's Been Remixed With Jay-Z's "99 Problems"

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Jay-Z's 100th problem is that this remix makes us want to listen to "Call Me Maybe" more than "99 Problems."

4. College Guys Will Take A Break From Chasing Girls To Sing It

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College guys have a lot of responsibilities — and it's important that we take note when they shelf them in favor of wandering around campus and dancing to a track about a girl giving out her number.

5. But Even The Ivy League Athletes Like Groovin' To It

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Come on — you know a song's good when baseball players would rather groove to it than nap after a long day of practice.

6. Donald Glover Digs It

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"Community"'s Donald Glover got his hands on it and spliced it with his song, "Heartbeat." And it definitely does a little something to our own.

7. It Can Very Easily Be Turned Into Something Raunchy

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Huey Mack took the track and implemented his own lyrics. They are NSFW, but his argument is pretty convincing.

8. Katy Perry And Her Pals Listen To It While Hanging Out Poolside

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I guess maybe if you've just opened the pool up for the summer but you still need it to be cleaned, you can do a lip dub until the pool guy gets there!

9. It Makes Guys Want To Dress Up As Cows And Dance In The Library

Their reason for doing so is kinda unclear, but their level of dedication certainly isn't.

10. It's Just Unthinkably Easy To Enjoy

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And it might even want to make you go for a run, or something.

11. And Seriously, Everyone Already Thinks So

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