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20 Of The Most Original Stage Costumes

Musicians know that if they're going to stay famous, they have to keep giving us reasons to talk about them. So in addition to cultivating their unique talents, performers know another easy way to get our attention is to wear shockingly crazy costumes on stage. Check out some of the most original outfits that we wish belonged to us, and make sure to celebrate your own originality by drinking Stoli.

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12. Freddie Mercury

Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images

Today, the person in that suit would probably be able to control all those feathers, and he could make them flap whenever he wanted.

16. Bette Midler

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

It seems that the age-old saying has changed! Now, it's "birds of a feather flock to Bette Midler" (even though it looks like they probably shouldn't).

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