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12 Unexpected Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve

Start the New Year off with a bang. Try out these unconventional New Year's destinations and find more truly original inspiration at ORGNL.TV, Stoli’s editorial, lifestyle channel.

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1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Best things about it: Bonfires to warm up to in all the neighborhoods, bars are open till 5 a.m., and the Northern Lights blow any fireworks show out of the water.

2. Whistler Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Best things about it: A breathtaking landscape, skiing, and the awesome sight of fireworks reflected on the snow.

3. Byron Bay, Australia

Best things about it: Warm weather and beautiful beaches, The Falls Music & Arts Festival, and the bragging rights for being one of the first people in the world to see the sunrise in the New Year.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Best things about it: Evening river cruises, live music in the old town square, tasty winter food markets, and the fireworks aren't too shabby, either.

9. Bratislava, Slovakia

Best things about it: Famous fireworks display around the Bratislava Castle and a night of live music and other festivities starting off at midnight, when the city unofficially turns into "partyslava" for a few hours.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Best things about it: The New Year's Day carnival and Christmas band performances, and the breathtaking view from Table Mountain as the New Year dawns.

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