12 Unexpected Places To Celebrate New Year’s Eve

Start the New Year off with a bang. Try out these unconventional New Year’s destinations and find more truly original inspiration at ORGNL.TV, Stoli’s editorial, lifestyle channel.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Christine Zenino / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: chrissy575


Best things about it: Bonfires to warm up to in all the neighborhoods, bars are open till 5 a.m., and the Northern Lights blow any fireworks show out of the water.

2. Whistler Valley, British Columbia, Canada

Moosealope / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: 8510057@N02

Moosealope / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: 8510057@N02


Best things about it: A breathtaking landscape, skiing, and the awesome sight of fireworks reflected on the snow.

3. Byron Bay, Australia

Paleontour / (CC BY http://2.0 / Flickr: paleontour

Stephanie Watson / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: 87548330@N06


Best things about it: Warm weather and beautiful beaches, The Falls Music & Arts Festival, and the bragging rights for being one of the first people in the world to see the sunrise in the New Year.

4. Marfa, Texas

Pierluigi Miraglia / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: plm_1

Robert Hensley / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: roberthensley


Best things about it: Wide open spaces, great art, great people, peace and quiet with a great relaxed bar scene at night.

5. Chiang Mai, Thailand


Best things about it: Gorgeous architecture, warmer weather, and the once-in-a-lifetime sight of thousands of sky lanterns against a fireworks-lit sky.

6. Prague, Czech Republic

Ricardo Liberato / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: liberato


Best things about it: Evening river cruises, live music in the old town square, tasty winter food markets, and the fireworks aren’t too shabby, either.

7. Varkala, India

Paula Rey / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: pulguita


Best things about it: All the beauty and cultural delights of nearby Goa, without the crowds of tourists.

8. Savannah, Georgia

Scott Oves / (CC BY http://2.0) /Flickr: silicon640c


Best things about it: River boats, beautiful old homes available for vacation rentals, masquerade balls, oodles of Southern charm, all at an affordable price.

9. Bratislava, Slovakia

Milan Cupka /(CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: amneziak83


Best things about it: Famous fireworks display around the Bratislava Castle and a night of live music and other festivities starting off at midnight, when the city unofficially turns into “partyslava” for a few hours.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Kelsie DiPerna / (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: kelsiedipernaphotography

Warren Rohner / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: warrenski


Best things about it: The New Year’s Day carnival and Christmas band performances, and the breathtaking view from Table Mountain as the New Year dawns.

11. Taipei, Taiwan

Jimmy Yao / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: vixyao


Best things about it: The gigantic fireworks display from Taipei 101, the plentiful karaoke places, and the city concerts.

12. Punta del Este, Uruguay

Jimmy Baikovicius / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: jikatu


Best things about it: The fireworks along several miles of the coast, beach parties, and mild weather.

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