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12 Objects Made From Technology Turned Unrecognizable

There's more here than meets the eye. You can always turn something old into something new with a little creativity. Find more inspiration at ORGNL.TV, Stoli vodka’s editorial, lifestyle channel.

1. This little bug buddy made from a discarded motherboard:

go2geek / Via

2. This human/bird hybrid sculpture made from a variety of technologies old and new:

3. This antique television-turned-aquarium:

Via Jackie Lee

4. This metal sneaker composed of telephone wires, computer chips, and more:

Gabriel Dishaw / Via

See more of Gabriel's sculptures on his site.

5. This ombre flip-phone sculpture:

Rob Pettit / Via

6. This fish made of digital clock parts:

7. This media station built from dozens of discarded computers:

Alex Handy / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: vonguard

This piece, called Toxic Skull, was made by Greenpeace for Maker Faire and later modified to play video by Scott Mills and Allen Williams.

8. This abstract landscape comprised of circuit board pieces and paint:

Justin Leitner / Via

9. This oversized sculpture made from both whole and deconstructed household appliances:


This sculpture, known as "the WEEE Man," was built as part of the Eden Project and put on display in St Austell, U.K.

10. This little buddy made of odds and ends:

11. This fierce dragon made of lightbulbs and bicycle parts, among other things:

United Geekdom of GNU/Linux / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: uggl-y

12. This tiny bike made out of a Chevrolet engine:

Levi and Allie Monday / Via