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10 Of The Most Original Cocktails

Once we find a drink we like, it can be really easy for us to forget about all the other tasty cocktails out there. But in terms of beverages, it's important we remember to switch things up every now and then. Check out some of the most original cocktails (which are totally easy to make) that will enlighten your taste buds, and help celebrate Stoli's 50th anniversary by having either a Hot N' Juicy or a Bees Knees tonight.

1. For Those Who Like It Hot

2. For Those Who Are Feeling Pretty Good About Themselves

3. For Those Who Are Always Disappointed When There's Just Ice Cream For Desert

4. For Those Who Just Can't Kick The Cinnamon Toast Crunch Habit

5. For Those Whose Happiness Knows No Bounds

6. For Those Who Could Use More Vibration In Their Lives

7. For Those Who Wish "Alex Mack" Was Still On TV

8. For Those Who Wish The Machine From “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind” Was Real

9. For Those Who Wish Carrot Top Got More Gigs

10. For Those Who Love Every Single Animal Video On YouTube