The Nicolas Cage Career Timeline

With almost 80 staring roles under his belt, Nicolas Cage is one of his generations most prolific actors. His roles throughout the decades have fallen into a couple of notable categories, here are some of our favorites. See Nic Cage in action in his latest film, Stolen, available for download on iTunes.

1. The Promising Start Era: 1983

Mary Evans / VALLEY 9000 / Ronald Grant / Everett Collection

Valley Girl (1983)

2. The Classics Era (1987-1995)

20thcentfox / Everett Collection

Raising Arizona (1987)

3. The Action Blockbuster Era (1995-1999)

Paramount / Everett Collection

Face/Off (1997)

4. The Wild Card Era (2002-2007)

Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection

Ghost Rider (2007)

5. The “For The Kids” Era (2007-2011)

Buena Vista Pictures / Everett Collection

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets (2007)

6. The Mad as Hell Era (2011-Now)

Summit Entertainment / Everett Collection

Drive Angry (2011)

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