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R.I.P David Gest, For Real This Time

"David is dead."

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Music Producer and Celebrity Big Brother contestant David Gest (62) was announced dead late Tuesday afternoon in London, England. David Gest had appeared in the winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother where he competed for the crown against other celebrity houseguests. David was entertaining and happened to be in the house with Angie Bowie when her ex-husband David Bowie died.

Tiffany Mistakenly believes David Gest is dead instead of David Bowie

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A comedy-of-errors occurred when another house guest Tiffany Pollard mistakenly believed that David Gest had died after Angie had told her, "David is dead," after Big Brother producers told her in the diary room of her ex-husband's passing. This mistake caused a huge uproar and confusion within the house, bringing entertainment to audiences, but now David Gest really is dead, and he will be greatly missed.

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