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27 Signs You're Addicted To The Internet

Must. Internet.

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1. This is your current position everyday.

DanIsNotOnFire / Via

2. You never utter these words:

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3. You might as well have an award for being so good at the Internet.

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4. Your first question when entering any new location is:

5. You're pretty much immune to most of the things you seen on the Internet.

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We've all stumbled across that weird part of the Internet before.

6. The commercials back then didn't help with your current addiction.

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7. You browse tumblr all day everyday.

FOX / Via

8. You always do this before letting anyone borrow your computer/laptop:

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9. You've learned to multi-task when browsing the Internet.

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10. You've discovered online friends are better than real life ones.

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11. You can't help but find yourself bored when having no Internet.

Warner Bros / Via

Has the Internet come back yet?

12. Even out in public, people encourage you to get off the Internet.

Showtime / Via

13. You know your Internet memes by heart.

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14. When people tell you to get off the Internet:

CW / Via

15. When people tell you that there are more fun things to do than spend time on the Internet:

16. When trying to go to sleep at night:

17. When you're away from home and find free wifi.

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Yeeeeah buddy!

18. When your parents encourage you to go out and make more friends:

NBC / Via

The Internet is my friend...

19. When people tell you to get off the Internet and read a book:

ABC / Via

That's what fan fiction is for, duh.

20. When people tell you to go outside:

Dreamworks / Via

21. You're fluent in Internet lingo.

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22. You live for the fights that occur over the Internet.

20th Century Fox / Via

23. You hate the misconception about what the Internet is really for.

Avenue Q / Via

24. You're surprised when you come across a person who doesn't use the Internet.

Dimension Films / Via

You livin' under a rock, bro?

25. People ask if you're lonely constantly.

Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer/ Columbian Pictures/ 20th Century Fox / Via

26. People tell you that you're wasting your time on the Internet.

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27. This is how you usually feel when spending too much time away from the Internet.

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