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22 Things Only People Who Use Offer Up Will Understand

Offer up, bitch!

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1. When the offers start rolling in and all you see are dollar signs:

Warner Brothers / Via

Rich I tell you, I'm going to be rich!

2. Having to decide which person is going to offer you the best deal:

NBC / Via

Offer up, bitch.

3. When this happens:

When you selling a $300 dining table set w/4 chairs for $110 and people be offering you $50. #OfferUp Fuck off, mate

4. Or when people confuse OfferUp for a dating app:

Via tumblr

5. But sometimes you stumble across bargains that just can't possibly be passed over:

Instagram: @raising / Via Instagram

6. When you're trying to sell a pricey item for a reasonable price so you can still get some money out of it, but all your customers are cheap as hell:

New Line Cinema / Via

Selling a Macbook Pro for $600 and you want to pay $100 for it? Get outta here, fool!

7. I mean, some people are really cheap: / Via Instagram

8. After spending a frustratingly long amount of time going back and forth with a seller over a price of an item, then deciding you don't even want the item anymore:

Giphy / Via

Nah, I'm good, brah.

9. When you and a seller finally come to an agreement and decide to meet up for payment:

Warner Brothers / Via

This better be worth it..

10. When you get home with your new purchase, only to find it's ineffective or not as advertised:

Giphy / Via

Yeah, I totally wanted to spend thirty bucks on a toaster oven that doesn't even work.

11. When you start to head over to your meet up location, only to find out your customer has decided to last minute back out of the deal, and now you've wasted your time and your gas:

AMC / Via

Thanks for telling me twenty minutes into my car journey, you filthy animal...

12. When you're waiting at the meetup point for the sale exchange, and your customer doesn't show up on time and keeps you waiting.

Giphy / Via

I'm only waiting cause I want the money.

13. When you meet with your seller/buyer only to find out you've been Catfished:

Fox / Via

Uh, your profile said you were a woman.

14. When you make the grave mistake of having your customer come over to your place to pick up the item you sold them, and they turn out to be a little sketchy:

Giphy / Via

Yeah, just wait out here, I'll bring it out to you.

15. Or even worse, when you make the mistake to meet up at their place, and they want you to come inside.

Netflix / Via

No thx, bai.

16. When you give your buyer explicit instructions on payment or destination and they still can't comprehend them:

NBC / Via

17. When some buyers have the nerve:

Instagram: @fitwithkim / Via Instagram

18. Or even better yet, when you get these types of customers:

Via Tumblr

19. Let's face it, some potential customers get a little too bold:

Instagram: @fitwithkim / Via Instagram

Okay, chill out!

20. When you didn't think there was anywhere else to run into fuckboys:

Via Tumblr


Giphy / Via

21. But for real, enough is enough sometimes: / Via Tumblr
Giphy / Via

22. Seriously, no chill!

Giphy / Via

Time to go make some money!

NBC / Via


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