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21 Types Of The Worst People On Facebook

Basically everyone on Facebook is the worst.

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1. The Farmer.


The Farmville addict. *Raises hand* Guilty.

2. The Aspiring Photographer.

Comedy Central / Via

Taking selfies left and right along with other miscellaneous pictures.

3. The Friend Remover.

giphy / Via

That person that is always threatening to remove people as friends, for whatever reason. Newsflash, we don't give a shit.

4. The Political Expert.

PBS / Via

These individuals are quick to post a status about their political opinions and quick to remove any friends who disagree with their views. See number 3.

5. The Show Off.

giphy / Via

This narcissist can't help but to share, update, and post anything they can to show off.

6. The Debby Downer.

FOX / Via

This person is always posting cryptic statuses, to bring down the rest of the community.

7. The Obsessive Poster.


They post irrelevance.

8. The Spoiler.

CBS / Via

This person takes to Facebook and posts a status spoiling the latest Walking Dead episode before you could see it.

9. The Drama Whore.

FOX / Via

10. The Self Promoter.

Citytv / Via

Always trying to self promote something. #ImDone

11. The Annoying Parent.


They have no idea how to work social media.

12. The Serial Liker


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide your husband because this bitch is going to be liking everything up in here.

13. The Facebook Stalker.


They have seen everything.

14. The PDA Couple.

TheCW / Via

Get a room.

15. The Facebook Fight Initiator.


Get your popcorn ready.

16. The Friend Bragger.


We all know that isn't true.

17. The Cryptic Poster.

Walt Disney / Via


18. The Conspiracy Theorist.

Pixar/Walt Disney / Via


19. The Complainer.

You are the worst.

You are the worst.

20. The Serial Status Updater.

Use Twitter, bitch.

Use Twitter, bitch.

21. The Attention Whore.


Always asking for compliments by posting status's and photos asking if they're pretty.

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