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    16 Things People With Rosacea Are Tired Of Hearing

    What's wrong with your face?

    1. "Why are you always blushing?"

    2. "What's wrong with your face?"

    3. "Why do you put on so much blush?"

    4. "Looks like someone caught a little bit too much sun this weekend!"

    5. "Damn, why do you have such bad acne?"

    6. "Did you just finish working out?"

    7. "Are you flustered?"

    8. "Oh my god, are you OK??"

    9. "What the heck is Rosacea?"

    10. "Then why don't you just wear makeup to cover it up?"

    11. "Why don't you just wash your face? It'll clear up in no time!"

    12. "Is Rosacea contagious?"

    13. "So, there's no cure for it?"

    14. "Maybe you just need to use more moisturizer."

    15. "Well, I think it looks cute. Rosy cheeks are so adorable."

    16. "Can I touch it?"

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