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16 Things People With Rosacea Are Tired Of Hearing

What's wrong with your face?

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1. "Why are you always blushing?"

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Do you truly think I'm consistently blushing 24/7?

2. "What's wrong with your face?"

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3. "Why do you put on so much blush?"

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That's not blush, it's my skin...

4. "Looks like someone caught a little bit too much sun this weekend!"

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It's not a sunburn, boo.

5. "Damn, why do you have such bad acne?"

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Yeah, about that... Rosacea is kind of completely different from acne.

6. "Did you just finish working out?"

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7. "Are you flustered?"

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No, I'm not flustered it's just my Rosacea flaring up.

8. "Oh my god, are you OK??"

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I'm absolutely fine.

9. "What the heck is Rosacea?"

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It's a skin condition that causes redness on certain parts of the face. For some people, particular foods and alcohol can trigger it and make it flare up.

10. "Then why don't you just wear makeup to cover it up?"

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Some people have bad reactions to packing on the foundation to cover it. Others feel they shouldn't have to always wear makeup to hide it.

11. "Why don't you just wash your face? It'll clear up in no time!"

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Do you not think I've ever washed my face before?

12. "Is Rosacea contagious?"

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No, it is not.

13. "So, there's no cure for it?"

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There are treatments for Rosacea to help reduce redness, but there is no current cure for it.

14. "Maybe you just need to use more moisturizer."

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That doesn't make it go away.

15. "Well, I think it looks cute. Rosy cheeks are so adorable."

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You're right! Having an itchy, dry, patchy red face is totally cute!

16. "Can I touch it?"

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