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15 Things All People Who Hate Small Talk Understand

"So, what's up with you?" *Uh...*

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1. When walking into a room, you do all you can to avoid being seen to engage in small talk.

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Must. Hide.

2. When you're on the elevator and see someone coming, you can only hope the door closes fast enough.

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No small talk happening today.

3. Holidays are the worst because you sometimes see those relatives you only see around the holidays.

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Ain't nobody got time for small talk.

4. The long awkward lulls in conversations make you cringe with awkwardness.

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5. The hair salon is the worst because you have to make small talk.

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6. When trapped in small talk, you have no idea what to do.


Must. Not. Die. Of. Awkwardness.

7. Once you've been trapped in making small talk with someone, you don't know how to get out of it.

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8. You can only imagine how you must look to the other person you're making small talk with.

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Oh god.

Then come the dreaded common small talk questions...

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9. If you're in school: "How's school?"

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10. "How's it going?"

11. "What's up?"

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I don't know? Either way I know you don't care.

12. Or "Hey, what's new?"

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Common response: "Nothing..."

13. The worst question is always: "How was your weekend/What did you do over the weekend?"

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14. "You catch the recent game this weekend?"

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No, sorry, I don't watch sports...

15. "So, how about that weather, right?"

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No, just, no.

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