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    Steampunk Your Halloween Costume

    Are you feeling a little uninspired this Halloween season? Can't think of a costume and running out of time? Make your old costume new again with the hottest cosplay trend-- Steampunk!

    How To Do It

    When Steampunking a character, replace a few clothing items with Victorian influenced pieces. For women this is commonly a corset and skirt (high-low hem, bustle, fishtail, etc). For men this is usually a waistcoat (aka vest) and cravat or ascot necktie. Finish it off with some accessories like goggles, a top hat, bracers (worn over the wrists) and a pair of boots.

    Add a few DIY Steampunk touches to your character's accessories. You can find metal gears in the jewelry section of your local craft store. Attach them in small clusters where appropriate. Use silver, gold or bronze craft paint to tone down brightly colored weapons.

    Now who should you be? Here are some suggestions.

    Halloween Characters

    Anna Fischer / Via

    Steampunk Witch

    Fournier Film Studios / Via

    Steampunk Vampire

    Heiko Warnke / Via

    Steampunk Grim Reaper

    Nicklas Rangne / Via

    Steampunk Zombie

    Disney Characters

    Lindsay Elyse / Via

    Steampunk Elsa

    Yagi / Via

    Steampunk Ariel and Eric

    Alexander Nikolis / Via

    Steampunk Snow White

    Superheroes and Villains


    Steampunk Spiderman

    David "DTJAAAAM" Ngo / Via

    Steampunk Poison Ivy

    Speedy's Productions / Via

    Steampunk Catwoman

    Fremen Photos / Via

    Steampunk Supergirl

    Now what about your makeup? Check out our Steampunk Makeup Guide for tips on everything from historically accurate Victorian makeup, to dirty goggle marks and special fx.

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