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How To Have The Best Literary Wedding Ever

Wedding bells and book lovers, best combination ever.

Step 1: Congratulations! You're engaged!

Step 2: Take adorable engagement photos.

Step 3: Tell the world! You're getting married!

Step 4: Pick the perfect venue.

New York Public Library, NYC

Alder Manor, Yonkers

Lehrer Architects, L.A.

Housing Works Bookstore, NYC

The Peabody Library, Baltimore

The Peabody Library, Baltimore

Step 5: Decorate!

Guests can type notes of congratulations or advice for the bride and groom using a vintage typewriter.

Step 6: Have a seat.

Vintage book placecard holders.

Library-style placecard holder.

Step 7: Remember your day forever with a book-themed photo shoot.

Flickr: 19343257@N00

These "flowers" have actually been crafted from book pages!

Protip: use book pages to make a DIY mat for your photos!

Step 8: Let them eat cake!

Step 9: Don't forget to send your guests home with something to read!