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9 Literary Cocktails to Quench Your Thirst for Knowledge (and Alcohol)

These literary-themed cocktails are perfect to impress your guests (and clever book nerds!). Warning: drink at your own risk.

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1. The Socratic Method

1/2 oz poison hemlock

1/2 oz Greek wine

1/2 oz club soda

Walk around the room and engage in philosophical dialogue with your peers. Drink slowly and do not be hasty, as this drink has a belated kick. You may feel a numbing sensation throughout your limbs -- it is advised to lay down and prepare yourself for a very long nap.

2. Paradise Lost

3 oz gin

Pomegranate juice (apple juice may be used if pomegranate is unavailable)

Garnish with sliced figs

Persuade your friends to join you in tasting this forbidden fruity drink. Warning: may awaken with regrets and shame over the sins of the night before.

4. The Shylock

1 lb of flesh, finely grated

1 bottle Kosher white wine

16 oz sparkling water (preferably sourced from the Venetian canals)

Aperol to taste

Combine in pitcher -- serves 4. Perfect to share with colleagues after a long, hard day of making financial deals.