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    13 Reasons Maine Is The Scariest Place In The World

    Blueberries, Lobsters, and Fog: Oh My...

    Forget Transylvania. Anyone who has ever traveled to Maine knows it's the darkest, creepiest, spine-tinglingest place ever. Paul Doiron, author of the acclaimed new thriller The Bone Orchard, offers 13 reasons why you don't want to be caught in the Pine Tree State after dark...

    1. Mainers eat a lot of lobsters—which are basically giant armor-plated spiders with claws.

    2. And Maine vampires aren’t sexy vampires.

    3. You wouldn’t want to pet their dogs.

    4. Or their cats...

    5. Mainers consider fog to be nice weather.

    6. It’s also the largest American producer of blueberries—and if you don't think that's scary…

    7. Maine has a lot of cliffs.


    8. Maine is home to a famous ghost.

    9. Everything there is “wicked.”

    10. You could go to jail for blowing your nose in public.

    11. You can freeze to death walking to the mailbox in the morning.

    12. This guy.

    13. There’s an actual village named Misery Gore.

    Still need the tingles, and thinking about Maine? Check out Paul Doiron's new haunting Maine thriller: The Bone Orchard, on sale July 15!