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    • stlkali85

      You are a Moron. She didn’t “grow up” in “Southern USA, Texas and Goergia” People don’t talk like that in Australia. She came here when she was already an ADULT. So she already had her Aussi Accent fully developed.  Also, people just dont talk “White” when doing interviews and then switch to a southern Black Accent when rapping. That is ridiculous.  A donkey can hear that she has a fake black southern Accent like she is a black Guy with Golden Grills in her Mouth( Charlamagne said the same) She is super wack and can’t rap for sh**. She has 0 lyrics, always raps about some BS. Her flow is not Original, her lyrics are not original.

    • stlkali85

      Ummm Are you Serious? She’s a “rapper” that is not being accepted by the Hip Hop community. The only reason she is on TV is because Def Jam is paying Media Outlets to shove Iggy non-talent down our throats. 1) she is a wigga that raps in a black Accent, nobody can listen to that for 5 seconds. 2) She cannot rap for sh**. She has racist lyrics and super wack Kindergarten lyrics that nobody can listen to except 12-13 year olds. 3) She has no talent whatsoever 4) BuzzFeed, who are you trying to fool? 12-13 year olds? Because you are not fooling us

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