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  • DIY Locker Decorations

    Make your own locker decorations. You’ll Need: -Scrapbook Paper -Small container -Magnets -Hot glue gun -Scissors -Gold Spray Paint -Alphabet Letters Alphabet Letters: Spray paint kid letter magnets with gold spray paint Locker Vase: Buy a tin that you like Glue on Scrapbook paper Glue on Magnets Display! Fancy Shape: Print out your favourite shape Cut it and trace onto the back of scrapbook paper Cut it out Attach magnet Voila!

  • Dress Up Your Shoes!

    You know that pair of old flats you keep around because you can’t bare to throw out shoes that match with everything while (bonus!) being so comfortable? Yeah, I’ve got a few pairs of those too. Spice them up with this DIY!

  • DIY Sea Salt Spray (For Your Hair!)

    Use this simple-to-make sea salt spray in damp hair to create perfect beach-y waves. With only three ingredients (which you probably already have) to this recipe it’s an easy DIY that’ll save you money! And who doesn’t love having extra cash and looking good?

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